Using custom fonts in Symbian (/Qt)

Current releases of Qt contain a gap in the Symbian port, which makes it impossible to use custom font files (unless they’re deployed to \resources\fonts). The gap will be filled in Qt 4.7.2 version, but while waiting the following snippet should be useful. Once 4.7.2 is out for Symbian you should just use QFontDatabase.
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Getting started with QtQuick on Symbian

Let’s start with something really easy – a hello world application (don’t worry well do something way cooler soon). I’m assuming here that you’ve already taken the first steps and have yourself a Qt 4.7.x (or newer of course – hello people from 2011!) Symbian environment (and are familiar with the basics of Qt). If you don’t have such an environment, go read Alessandro’s excellent instructions for setting one up.
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In the beginning there was an intro

Ok. I’ve been thinking about starting to write this blog for weeks now, so I think I’ll just cowboy the f up and get started.

I’ve been mostly working on the Symbian platform for the most of my adult life now (feeling ok, not too many aneurysms,  thanks for asking) and for the past months on a Qt/QtQuick application targeting Symbian devices. During this time I’ve come across countless things that I think would be useful for other people in a similar situation and which I’d like to share. Ideally I would like to offer a library of interesting articles about Qt/QtQuick and Symbian development (when it relates to the first two) just out of sheer compassion for the fellow developers (that and the money, drugs and girls that come with it of course).

All the code and related files in the postings are free to be commercially or non-commercially used, abused and modified to your heart’s will. I don’t speak legalese, nor do I have a special place in my heart for understanding all the licensing crap, so I don’t have a monotype-fitted-to-80-characters-wide-terminal mumbo jumbo to paste here. I hope just stating it is enough.

Oh one more thing. I have sort of a love-hate relationship with Nokia and Symbian so expect an occasional rant too.

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