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How to enable hardware accelerated QML rendering

Update: this is no longer needed with the latest Qt shipping with QtSDK 1.1 TP. First of all the title is purposefully misleading. I just want to get a good Google pagerank and help people find this page The title … Continue reading

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Using custom fonts in Symbian (/Qt)

Current releases of Qt contain a gap in the Symbian port, which makes it impossible to use custom font files (unless they’re deployed to \resources\fonts). The gap will be filled in Qt 4.7.2 version, but while waiting the following snippet … Continue reading

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Getting started with QtQuick on Symbian

Let’s start with something really easy – a hello world application (don’t worry well do something way cooler soon). I’m assuming here that you’ve already taken the first steps and have yourself a Qt 4.7.x (or newer of course – … Continue reading

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In the beginning there was an intro

Ok. I’ve been thinking about starting to write this blog for weeks now, so I think I’ll just cowboy the f up and get started. I’ve been mostly working on the Symbian platform for the most of my adult life … Continue reading

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